For the past several months we have been working tirelessly to completely revamp Houzez and now we are delighted to announce that it has finally been released.

Houzez was never intended as just another WordPress theme. From the moment of its inception, we strived to create a complete management tool that not only looks great but covers all the necessary features that would benefit a variety of roles that real estate professionals typically assume.

For the past several years we have collected and documented a massive amount of feedback from our existing customers, and we have consulted with a number of successful individuals who are directly involved in the business of selling and renting properties. This update is the direct result of our efforts to gather their input and interpret it into a number of useful features.

Houzez 2.0 comes with over 100 new features and improvements so it will be hard to cover all of them in this article (if interested – our website does that).

Here are some of the key updates we’ve made:

Recoded from scratch

We scrapped all of the previous code and rewrote it to make sure that Houzez 2.0 plays well with the new version of WordPress. The result is better performance, improved web security and superior user experience.

Search composer

You can now design a completely custom search panel with a near-infinite combination of features and layouts. And all of it done visually – without the need to fiddle with shortcodes or write extra code. On top of that, you can utilize the power and flexibility of custom fields and easily add them to your search bar.

You can even add tabs and offer separate search panels for different property types (e.g. rentals and sales) or use any other criteria – the only limit is your imagination.

Once you’ve created a search panel you’re happy with, you are free to place it wherever you like on your Houzez-powered website.


We know how important it is to keep good track of the relationships with your leads and customers. We also know that standalone CRM solutions can be costly and cumbersome to use, plus a lot of them are not tailored towards the real estate industry. We’ve added a custom CRM panel whose goal is to address those issues and give you an opportunity to focus on getting leads and making sales.

Now you can manage your leads, inquiries and deals as well as track performance and activities of your users and clients with a user-friendly dashboard.

Property data insight

In this day and age marketing is driven by data. The more you know about the performance of your digital assets (such as listing pages) the more money you’ll make.

We’ve included a feature-rich analytics panel that can help you gather data on what type of people land on your pages, where they’re referred from, what devices they use and more.

All of this data is neatly presented with tables, graphs and charts so you’ll never have an issue visualizing your numbers.

New property management system

We have completely revamped our frontend property management system so it’s easier than ever to administer your real estate marketplace, coordinate agents and accept property submissions.

The new dashboard was designed to be efficient to use and work with agencies of any size or individual agents.

Plus, we’ve made sure it provides an equally great user experience regardless of your screen size, so you can easily manage your business from any device.

Listing composer and templates

We understand that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to real estate listings. No matter what your requirements are, our new composer tool lets you build listing pages with unprecedented flexibility.

Not only are you completely free to design any layout you want (or choose from one of our pre-configured templates) but you can rest assured that whatever you create is going to look great and impress your visitors.

Improved design

We have been closely following modern web design trends to be absolutely sure that Houzez looks fresh and up-to-date. Good design instills trust into your visitors and plays a key role in sales conversions.

With Houzez you can be certain that whatever you build is going to be pixel-perfect and free of visual flaws.

Find the full change log

If you are interested to read about every single feature that the new Houzez offers, feel free to visit our website.

We’d like to hear your thoughts and ideas on what we should be considering for the next or future updates. Contact us directly on the live chat you can find on this page.

We will be happy to hear from you!

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