Advanced search functionality with incredible filters & unlimited search fields​

Houzez provides powerful search functionality that your users are sure to appreciate
Search Composer

Create a search bar with the options and features required to make any query

Multi-select Options

Let your users select multiple search criteria when performing their searches

Advanced Filters

Create an advanced custom filter to help visitors find what they need fast


Identify the location of your users and offer location-specific features

Radius Search

Let your users search around a specific location to find the right properties


Display a dropdown menu with autocomplete options

Custom Fields

Further customise your search panel with unlimited custom fields

Sticky Search

Make your search bar easily accessible by sticking it to the top of the page

Saved Searches

Let users return to a previous search so they don't have to re-enter search criteria

Search Positioning Control

Decide the location of the search bar that better fits your site design

Email Alerts

Receive new property email alerts based on the searches you saved on the account

Customizable Colors

Customise the colour of the background, search bar or text

Search Criteria

Include a wide range of configurable search criteria for your users to set

Price Slider

Let your users set their price limits with a well-designed slider

Ajax Search

Search results are populated without the need to reload your browser page

Wide range of search styles
Header Search Style 1
Header Search Style 2
Header Search Style 3
Banner Search
Dock Search
Half Map search
Advanced search system features
Search Builder

Simply drag & drop to Design your search panel

Create a search panel that fits your site and helps members find the right item. No technical knowledge is required to create a search bar your clients feel comfortable with.


Geolocation helps you to locate your visitors

Houzez lets you identify where your visitors are located and enable features such as radius search. This saves your visitors’ time as they don’t need to enter their location manually. 

Advanced Search Filters

Advanced search filters to make it easy for visitors to find the right property

Configure complex search filters to help your users easily narrow down their property choices – that helps them find their dream property faster and with less hassle 

Auto-Complete Search Suggestions

Provide auto-complete search suggestions to your website visitors

As your users type something into search fields, the results are instantly auto-populated and displayed in a dropdown menu. This is an incredible time-saver when searching for properties.

Custom Fields

Connect your own custom fields within the search system

Custom fields let you add any arbitrary criteria to your search system. Need to keep track of which school district a property belongs to? Custom fields are there for that. 

Search Results Page

Customizable search results page to fit your website needs

Houzez offers a flexible way to display your search result pages. We’ve included various layout options that you can take advantage of right out of the box.

Mobile optimized search system
Property Detail Page

Customizable search colors

Background Color

Change the background colour to anything you want

Buttons Color

Modify your site’s button colours to fit your brand identity

Border Color

Achieve a distinct look by setting the border colour 

Text Color

Set the text to any of the millions of colours available