Listing Meta and Address Composer

Listing page choices cover the spectrum of property types and key features. Houzez lets you build beautiful listing pages without any design or technical skills. ​

Listing Composer: Customized Display for Your Listings

The Listing Composer in Houzez allows you to manage and display property information with unparalleled flexibility. Customize how property details are presented in list or grid views on your real estate platform with just a few clicks.
User Friendly

Drag-and-Drop Management

Organize your listing information effortlessly with a simple drag-and-drop interface.


Customizable Meta Options

Choose which details are displayed, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and area size, to highlight the features that matter most.

Address Composer: Detailed Location Information

With the Address Composer, you can manage address details for listings to provide clear and concise location information. Craft a user-friendly interface that helps buyers visualize where each property is located.

Simplified Address Display

Easily enable or disable address components like country, state, city, and street address to tailor the information to your audience’s needs.

User Friendly

Consistent User Experience

Maintain a uniform look and feel across all listings, ensuring each property is showcased to its full potential.