Create Your Own Modern Real Estate Listing

Choose from a wide range of different listing templates to display listing pages. Design your listing meta according to your business model with a new easy-to-use drag and drop user interface.

Listing Page Features

Wide Range Of Templates​

Pick-up The Right Listing Page Template That Fit Your Business

Choose from a number of well-designed listing templates and profit from the ability to achieve the desired look or layout without a headache

Listing Composer

Drag & Drop Manager To Quickly Organize The Listing Data And The Custom Fields

What sections appear on a listing can be controlled with a simple interface. Just drag and drop the sections that you want to display and the job is done. The listing composer is integrated with the custom fields builder.

Listing Quick View​

Let Customers To Preview Properties Right From the Website's Listing Page

As your visitors browse through the listings on your Houzez-powered website, they can preview individual properties without having to open another browser tab

Custom Icons

Upload And Manage Your Custom Icons On The Listing Page

Feel free to bring your own custom-designed icons to better fit the brand identity of your business or use one of the default ones – Houzez can accommodate whatever you need

Powerful Page Filters​

Use Filters To Fine-tune The Content Of Your Listing Page

We’ve included a powerful filter settings panel so you can display only the listings which fit the criteria that you set. This will help you control order and visibility of your listings with ease.

Manage Featured Properties​

Display Featured Properties And Manage Their Visibility

Houzez lets you assign certain properties to be Featured – something your clients can pay you for. You have full control over the visibility and order for those listings.

Manage The Page Order​

Easily Manage The Order Of Your Properties

It’s completely up to you in what order to display your properties. Houzez lets you order them by date and price, and it gives you the option to place featured listings at the top. 

Compare Properties​

Select Up To Four Properties To Compare At One Time

Let your visitors select up to four properties and compare them in a single place. This will provide a great user experience and help your leads decide on what they like faster. 

Wide Range of Custom Listing Pages
Listing v1 – Grid
Listing v1 – Grid 2 Cols
Listing v1 – Grid 3 Cols
Listing v1 – Grid 4 Cols
Listing v1 – List
Listing v1 – List Full Width
Listing v1 – List Full Width
Listing v1 – List Full Width
Listing v1 – With Tabs
Listing v2 – Grid
Listing v2 – Grid 2 Cols
Listing v2 – Grid 3 Cols
Listing v2 – Grid 4 Cols
Listing v2 – List
Listing v2 – List Full Width
Listing v2 – With Tabs
Listing v3 – Grid
Listing v3 – Grid 2 Cols
Listing v3 – Grid 3 Cols
Listing v4 – List
Listing v4 – Grid
Listing v5 – Grid
Listing v5 – Grid 2 Cols
Listing v5 – Grid 3 Cols
Listing v5 – List
Listing v5 – List Full Width
Listing v6 – Grid
Listing v6 – Grid 2 Cols
Listing v6 – Grid 3 Cols
Listing v7 – Grid
Listing v7 – Grid 3 Cols
Listing v7 – Grid 4 Cols
Listing v7 – List
Listing v7 – List Full Width