Integrate your IDX/MLS data into your Houzez listings

Houzez integrates with IDX/MLS data to offer the best user experience possible.

IDX / MLS Integration

Partnering with Realtyna we provide custom real estate MLS solutions for all real estate professionals


100% Houzez Design

Easily design and customize your MLS listing data using the powerful tools provided by Houzez


SEO Optimized

All property data will be imported and therefore an indexable SEO friendly page will be created

All-in-one real estate management software with IDX / MLS Sync
Fully customizable

Benefits from the use of Houzez's design and functionality

With the use of Houzez’s features, real estate listing are now more appealing to potential home buyers. With its real estate design, the site makes it easy for sellers to create professional listings that won’t give you away to your competition.

Listings management

Sync real estate listings for easier management

Real estate MLS Sync helps you manage all your real estate listings from one central location, making both the listing and management process faster and easier.

Integrated MLS Data

Integrate seamlessly with your existing Houzez website

The MLS Sync will integrate seamlessly with your existing website, enabling you to grow your business by offering an all-in-one solution

Add listings automatically

A time saving solution for real estate agents and companies

The MLS Sync offers an easy-to-use for real estate agents, saving them time on labor intensive tasks such as uploading new listings or editing property records.

IDX / MLS Data

Get your business up to speed on real estate with ease

This is the fastest way to get your business up to speed on real estate. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to keep data up-to-date and manage your listings with ease

How it works

Please note: When you purchase Houzez the MLS/IDX data is not included. 

The MLS/IDX data feed starts from $99 per month plus MLS data fees. There is an activation fee of $950 which is waived for the MLSs which are already supported.

Frequently Asked Questions

MLS sync works as an additional plugin for major WordPress real estate themes like Houzez. It will pull the data from realtyna IDX servers and match it with the WordPress posts that these themes are using. So a real property record and therefore an indexable SEO friendly page will be created. We handle your record exactly like manually entered property records. It’s easy to use and all the functions of that theme work with MLS records.

At this moment, MLS sync is compatible only with Houzez theme. If you use another theme, MLS Sync won’t work.

The price starts from $99 per month. (plus MLS data fees). There is an activation fee of $950 which is waived for the MLSs which are already supported and for all legitimate Houzez license holders.

MLS Sync is available for Houzez at this moment.

Please consider that MLS Sync is designed for single MLS Feed. You can contact us for possibilities for multi MLS Integration.

Your license is purchased for one website only. If you need a multi license, please contact us for more information.

The main delay can happen in your MLS paperwork. Your MLS should approve you for your access. Therefore, if they delay, the process may delay as well. It’s pretty rare to wait for the MLS provider more than 14 business days.

For Realtors who have their own listings, when a listing belongs to that agent ID, it can be filtered via short code.

Absolutely, if the requirements are met. Although Realtyna provides advanced ‘managed hosting,’ you are free to choose any  hosting/server that meets the system requirements.