The Membership System

Houzez comes with a sophisticated membership system that can help you monetise your website fast
Paid or Free Membership

Provide a variety of membership programs that suit the needs of any individual

Payment Gateways

We offer 4 secure gateways for you to receive your money

Built-in Monetization System

Help your agents or members make money while you get more leads

Social Media Login

Let your members easily login with their social media account credentials

Email Alerts

Receive email alerts to never miss any important transaction or inquiry


Send and manage your invoices and enjoy easy accounting

Membership Features
Real Estate Membership System
Paid Front-end Submissions

Accept Paid Property Submissions From Your Registered Users

You can generate revenue by offering paid property submissions to your users. The entire sales pipeline is fast and easy to set up. 

Paid or Free Memberships​

Offer a membership, charge per listing or leave it free, the choice is yours

What business model you apply to your real estate business is completely up to you. Whether you choose recurring payments, a one-time fee or make it totally free is your call. 

Membership System for Real Estate agents
Real Estate WP Theme
PAID Featured Properties

Allow Your Users To Feature Their Properties By Charging Them a Fee

Another way for you to make money is to charge your users to feature one (or several) of their properties in the Featured section of your site. 

Payment Gateways​

Receive payments through the most popular payment gateways

We’ve included 4 ways to get paid: PayPal, Stripe and bank transfer. Never miss a client just because they do not have access to a certain payment gateway. 

Built-in Monetization System​

No Need Additional Plugins To Handle Payments, Collect Money Straight Out Of The Box

No extra plugins are required to set up your payment system. Everything is handled with a built-in platform. 

Social Media Login​

Make It Fast To Subscribe To Your Website With Social Media Account Login

Help your future members join in a matter of seconds by using the social media login feature and help them avoid the hassle that comes with classic email authentication. 

Email Alerts

Promptly Inform Your Users And Subscribers About Approved, Expired And New Listings

Easily set up email alerts to help your users and members to stay on top of their real estate events and transactions. This will, in turn, help you avoid the need to manually answer support queries. 

Invoices and Billing

Issue Automatic Invoices To Your Members And Track All Financial Data

Our built-in invoice system lets you get paid automatically with no delay and keeps a tab on all the transactional information that is generated during the invoicing, so you don’t have to do it yourself

Integrated With These Payment Sistems

Receive Payments with PayPal Stripe or Bank Transfer
Receive Payments with PayPal Stripe or Bank Transfer
Receive Payments with PayPal Stripe or Bank Transfer