Real Estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Real estate customer relationship management: a comprehensive, integrated solution for efficiently tracking leads and managing customer relationships in real estate.
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What is Houzez CRM?

The Houzez CRM is a tool designed to cater to the unique needs of the real estate sector. It encompasses a suite of features aimed at managing client relationships, tracking leads, handling inquiries, overseeing deals, and analyzing performance data.
Leads Management
Inquiries Management
Deals Management
Track Performances
Insight Property Data​
Track Activities
Customer Relationship Managements Features
Track Activities

Activity Tracking for Enhanced Real Estate CRM Engagement

Monitor the activities of your team and clients with our CRM, fostering better communication and engagement.

Leads Managements

Effective Leads Management and Nurturing within the Real Estate CRM

Efficiently manage and nurture your leads with our CRM, ensuring every potential client is engaged effectively.

Inquiries Management​

Optimizing Client Inquiry Responses through Real Estate CRM

Our Real Estate CRM facilitates prompt and organized responses to client inquiries, a vital aspect of customer service and sales in real estate.

Track Performances

Performance Tracking and Analysis in Real Estate CRM

Measure and analyze the performance of your real estate operations with our CRM’s tracking tools.

Manage Deals

Comprehensive Deal Management Solutions in Real Estate CRM

Stay on top of all your real estate transactions with our CRM’s comprehensive deal management feature.

Insight Property Data​

Property Data Insights and Analytics with Real Estate CRM

Gain valuable insights into property markets and client preferences with our CRM’s detailed analytics capabilities.