How to Improve Your Landing Page Conversions


A landing page is the first page that a visitor sees when they come to your site and it can often be the difference between someone staying and exploring or just leaving. Improving your landing page conversion rates means you’ll need to do some research and planning on what will give you the best results.

Landing pages are key for any company and there’s no better time than now to invest in them. We’ve got all the tools you need to create a great landing page that drives leads and sales. You may have a beautiful website that is clean, organized and has all the information someone would need to make a purchase, but if they never see it, it doesn’t matter. A landing page will optimize your conversion rates by showing visitors the right version of the right content on-demand.

In this blog post, we’ll show you just how easy it is to create a landing page and start driving traffic. Get our top tips for designing an effective landing page that will pull in more conversions.

Create a landing page design that achieves your conversion goals

A poorly designed landing page can result in high bounce rates, low conversion rates, and lost potential customers. A good design will do the opposite, leading to higher conversion rates with visitors staying longer on your site. There are many tools that make it easy to create an effective landing page design.

Elementor enables you to create a beautiful website without needing any coding skills. Also, it’s the simplest way to build a website. Free features include drag and drop layout, unlimited layouts, and more.

Elementor is a visual builder for WordPress websites. It replaces the basic WordPress editor with a live frontend editor, giving you the power to design your website live, without having to switch between the editor and the preview mode.

Add one call to action for your landing page

You should improve your landing page conversions by adding one clear call-to-action to your landing page. This will make it clearer for the visitor what you want them to do. It is also important to make sure that you are using language that matches your target audience, to avoid confusion. An example of an effective call-to-action would be to offer visitors a free trial of your product or service in return for their email address.

When people land on your landing page, they should have one clear path to take. Most conversion experts agree that you need a single call to action on the page. It should be the most prominent thing. The call to action should include a concise statement of what the visitor will get if they click through.

Simplicity is the best approach for landing page design

There are many ways to design a landing page that is converting well, but there are few straightforward rules. The biggest thing you want to do is keep the design simple and uncluttered for increased conversions.

Customers are more likely to convert if the landing page is simple and easy to understand. There is a correlation between how much information is on a page and how many people will convert. If the page has too much text, infographics, or images, more people will leave without converting.

The more complicated a page is, the less likely it will be for someone to buy from it.

The best landing pages are ones that provide the reader with only the information they need to know. This will allow them to make a quick decision on whether or not to buy your product. You should also include any pricing information online, and make it easy to find. This way, readers won’t feel like they need to click around too much before they can make a purchase.

Colors and contrast will build a visual hierarchy in a design

The colors you choose for your design will play a large role in how visitors view your page. Visitors will read the page first on an emotional level, so the first thing they see should create an instant emotional reaction. You can use text or objects to assist with creating this emotional reaction through the use of contrast. The more contrast you have between two colors, the stronger the emotional reaction will be to one color over another.

There are three basic principles that you can use to design with contrast and hierarchy:

  1. Create contrast by including a dominant color
  2. Increase contrast through the use of contrasting colors
  3. Create contrast by increasing the brightness or darkness If you want to improve your landing page conversion rates, be sure to incorporate these principles into your design.

Add testimonials to your website

Website testimonials are a powerful form of social proof that can help convince your leads that you’re the real deal. Testimonials from happy customers will make your website visitors feel more confident about purchasing your products or services.

Testimonials work best when they are from real people with a real photo. You can hire someone to provide you with good testimonials, but the authenticity of an endorsement doesn’t come across as well. The best way to get a testimonial is to ask for it in person and offer your customer a chance to win a prize or some other type of reward in return for their time.

Offering live chat to answer questions from your landing page

Clicks on live chat are often more than 2x higher than clicks on any other call-to-action on the page. This makes it a worthwhile investment to encourage conversions. The benefits of live chat are increased customer satisfaction and reduced support costs which means you’ll see an increase in lifetime customer value.

When potential customers are unsure about your product or service, they may be more likely to abandon the purchase process. Chatbots can also help you handle customer service issues more efficiently. They’re not real people, but an automated program that can take care of routine tasks for you.

Make it dead-simple to get in touch with you

In order to get the most conversions from your landing page, it should be easy for people to contact you. That’s why you need a phone number if at all possible and an email address that is easy to find.

Adding a contact form to your landing page will improve conversions. Most people are hesitant to try something new or different, so they will need to know that if they have any questions or need more information, they can easily reach out to you. This will make them feel more in control and confident in their purchase.

If you want to be successful in this regard, make sure your form is easy to find on the page and has instructions for how it will work.

Make your landing page optimized for search engines

Most people looking for a service or product will start by using a search engine. Most marketers miss the opportunity to rank well in search engines because they neglect to optimize their landing pages. This means that they either don’t take advantage of SEO and other ways to attract organic search engine visitors, or they take advantage but fail to follow best practices.

Optimizing your landing page for search engines is a great way to get more traffic.

When optimizing your landing page for search engines, use keywords in the title and the meta description. Keep your copy concise, but include a clear call to action at the end. Make sure that your landing page provides good information that answers people’s questions.

Better load times means less hesitation and more conversions

A landing page is a one-page website that has been designed specifically for an Internet marketing campaign. It’s the last page someone sees before they click on your advertisement and it’s important to get them to take the desired action so you can generate more revenue.

The stats don’t lie – people are 2x more likely to abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. This means that if your landing page is slow, you’re losing out on conversions.

Google reports that landing pages with better load times have 12% higher conversion rates than those with slower load times. If your website takes too long to load, it can create a high level of frustration and prevent people from taking the action you want them to.

If you have a slow landing page, many potential customers will get frustrated and leave the site.

Track your conversion rates and get conversion optimization tips

One of the best ways to improve your conversion rates is by tracking them. You can measure your campaign success and analyze how people are converting. A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that take a desired action on your site, such as downloading a blog post or filling out a form. Tracking your conversion rates will allow you to see what marketing strategies work the best for you and which ones need more refining.

Use google analytics to track how your site visitors are responding to your landing page. With google analytics, you can see what percentage of people view the content on your page, how many people click on a link, and what percentage of people complete a purchase after seeing it. This information will give you insight into exactly what needs improvement.


A landing page can be defined as a one-page website that drives visitors to take a desired action. In other words, it’s a page that is specifically designed as the first page you see when you land on a certain domain. The goal of any landing page is to convert visitors into customers by driving them through the sales funnel.

Houzez is the perfect option for professionals who want to set up a professional looking landing page quickly and easily.  If you need help getting it set up, we would be happy to talk. Our Houzez theme makes it easy for web designers to create stunning real estate websites.

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