Discover The Best WordPress IDX Plugins For Realtors To Use In 2022


In today’s world, real estate professionals are pushed to update their websites with more content. Realtors don’t have so much time to spend on updating their websites. However, the time and effort can often be overwhelming. In this post, we’ll explore how some WordPress IDX plugins can help you save time!

A WordPress IDX plugin enables you to connect your website to the MLS database. It helps you locate listings, manage leads and sale contracts online, and much more. With WordPress IDX plugins, you can also easily manage leads and sale contracts online.

WordPress IDX plugins allow you to display your listings on your website without much effort. They are a great way to expose your listing to potentially hundreds of thousands of people each month. They’re also a good way to help ensure that you’ll show up on the first few search results for any given keyword.

Now you can save time and generate more leads with the use of WordPress IDX plugins. It’s time for your business to be more profitable than ever. No matter how small or large your company is, these plugins can provide the boost you need to take your business to a higher level.

WordPress IDX plugins are essential for WordPress sites to improve the way they manage their properties. In order to stay on top of the latest trends in your industry, you must constantly be researching and testing new features.

Many realtors are now posting their homes for sale online, requiring efficient and easy access to their listing information. One of the main difficulties where realtors struggle is in having a seamless and easy way of getting access to marketplace listings. With many millions of properties listed on the MLS, it can be difficult for realtor to quickly locate their listing.

Why you need a WordPress IDX plugin

They are an effective way for agents to be able to show inventory locally without trying to collect information through different sources. IDX Plugins also allow agents to create professional websites and businesses that can be found on the internet.

You might come up with some innovative strategies to save time, but what if there were even more ways for you to save time? IDX plugins are the answer for this. They allow you to control the properties listings that appear on your website and make it easy for you to maximize revenue. Gain time for your daily needs when use these WordPress IDX plugins.

  • Realtors need quick, easy and seamless access to the MLS data they need to list their homes online.
  • IDX Plugins allow real estate agents to access local MLS data from any device with a simple search.
  • As a realtor, you want to take advantage of every possible spare minute you can in order to increase your sales.


Realtyna® provides a range of Real Estate applications for real estate agents and brokers. The company is composed of highly skilled and experienced software engineers, developers, designers and project managers who work on innovative solutions for the industry. With their extensive experience in this domain, Realtyna achieves nothing short of excellence in quality of services offered.

Realtyna is an independent full platform based on the most famous CMS: WordPress, with hundreds of features and lots of useful add-ons. Realtyna is a highly customizable website template designed to show off your work in the best way possible.

With the release of their new RESO API integration, Realtyna has found a way to provide a seamless lead generation experience for all of its users. With their integration, Realtyna’s clients will be able to start converting leads into clients without having to worry about losing leads in the process.

  • Increase your revenue by integrating real estate website and property management software in a single platform.
  • Increase your number of leads by using the RESO API (specially designed for real estate agents) to connect with potential clients.
  • The ability to manage your leads, schedule showings for clients, and communicate with all of your contacts.

MLS Import

mls import

MLS Import is a premium WordPress plugin that works with the best Real Estate WordPress Themes to import real estate listings from the MLS into your WordPress site in just minutes. It is based on RESO API Technology. This technology creates a range of ability within MLS Import to translate and import data, facilitating the ultimate goal of importing and exporting MLS data within different platforms. MLS Import provides coverage for more than 800 MLS real estate markets in the United States and Canada. They offer full brokerage-level access that includes listing searches, market insights, property value estimates, local support, and more.

  • Have your website up and running in no time with the best real estate WordPress themes out there.
  • Import your MLS listings without having to deal with the hassle of searching and copying data manually.
  • MLS Import offers one-stop access to MLS listings from more than 800 markets in the US and Canada.


iHomefinder is a leading provider of national real estate search technology and websites. With the Internet Data eXchange standard, iHomefinder powers thousands of real estate websites. They partner with a wide array of web designers to integrate their technology into real estate websites.

iHomefinder is also the an online property search & lead capture software for real estate professionals. IDX Property Search & Lead Capture helps real estate agents get more leads and calls. They have created an online lead capture tool that makes it easy for users to generate leads and calls.

iHomefinder provides insightful market data and research on homes listed for sale across the country. It includes updated price history, neighborhood demographics, and foreclosing rates. Their Market Research reports offer the most comprehensive market overview enabling agents to make more informed decisions.

It is provided with IDX Data API that integrates all your local MLS data, providing you with the tools you need to make a breakthrough.

  • Increase leads, sales, and revenue and generate leads with your own custom lead generation form.
  • Make better marketing decisions about your listings through iHomefinder’s Market Stats & Reports data.
  • Real estate agents become more competitive by offering buyers access to real-time information about the homes they are considering.


The internet is a constantly evolving and changing environment. WordPress IDX plugins have, too, as the industry evolves. As for realtors, who are always looking for ways to provide better service and make more money, these changes can be difficult to keep up with. WordPress IDX plugins can help realtors stay ahead of the market and do what they do best – sell homes.

These IDX plugins automatically pull data from MLS and other real estate software and display it on your website. This makes it easy for your customers to quickly locate listings they are most interested in without doing any work themselves! These plugins for realtors are created with the customer in mind. They allow you to build your listings with ease, and ensure that all of your data is protected.

Real estate professionals have a lot of responsibilities, but they also have to be efficient. Using one of these WordPress IDX plugins can help you avoid the hassle of working with coding languages and saving you time during the process.

  • You want to create a professional website with a lot of content, but don’t have the time or expertise.
  • With these plugins that make your real estate website more dynamic and engaging, you can focus on building your business.
  • These WordPress IDX plugins are specifically designed to help real estate professionals build their listings without any coding knowledge!

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