Leveraging MLS Sync and Houzez: Enhancing Property Searches


Welcome back to our ongoing exploration of Houzez and MLS Sync! Today, we’ll unravel how these formidable tools empower you to create an engaging, feature-rich property search page and custom search bar, enhancing your real estate website’s user experience.

Creating a Dynamic Property Search Page

At the heart of any real estate website lies the ‘Properties’ page. With Houzez and MLS Sync, crafting this essential page becomes an exciting journey rather than a daunting task.

From the convenience of your WordPress dashboard, you can select the perfect template for your ‘Properties’ page, like ‘Search Results,’ to match your site’s aesthetic and goals. Houzez offers numerous formatting options.

One of the impressive features of MLS Sync is the map settings. You can choose from OpenStreetMap or Google Maps, and even enable clusters for a more intuitive user experience. This tool allows for the seamless plotting of property locations, taking your property listings to new visual heights.

Customizing the Search Bar for Enhanced User Experience

Houzez and MLS Sync take customization to another level with three distinct search bars. Each bar caters to different user needs and page types.

The Banner Search on the splash page offers an impactful first impression. You can tailor it to meet your users’ preferences, for instance, changing the dropdown menu from cities to listing types or enabling tabs for easier navigation.

The ‘Half Map Search’ on the ‘Properties’ page is a testament to Houzez’s commitment to a user-friendly experience. You can set the number of search fields displayed in the first row and choose which fields to showcase, ensuring the most critical information is front and center.

Finally, the ‘Header Search’ bar offers consistency across your website, appearing on all other pages for ease of access. The format can be aligned with your ‘Properties’ page search, maintaining a unified look and feel throughout the site.


Houzez and MLS Sync are revolutionizing the way real estate websites are designed and experienced. From creating a dynamic property search page to customizing user-friendly search bars, these powerful tools unlock a world of potential for your site. Embark on this exciting journey and witness the transformative effect of Houzez and MLS Sync on your online real estate presence. Until our next video, happy designing!

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