Elevate Your Listings: MLS On The Fly™ Meets Houzez


The dynamic world of real estate demands that professionals stay ahead by using the best tools to manage and showcase property listings. Houzez is excited to announce its partnership with the Realtyna team, bringing the innovative MLS On The Fly™ system to our platform. This collaboration will simplify property data handling, offering a seamless, efficient process.

Discover MLS On The Fly™

MLS On The Fly™ simplifies real estate data integration. It harnesses the MLS Router API to automatically integrate property listings into websites, removing manual data entry and complex database management. This system transforms online presence with unmatched speed, efficiency, and adaptability.

Key Features of MLS On The Fly™

  • Reduce Hosting Complexities: MLS On The Fly™ smoothens hosting with simple solutions and seamless integration, ideal for efficiency seekers.
  • Speed Up Your Site: Property listings load instantly with MLS On The Fly™, ensuring an engaging browsing experience.
  • Streamline Image Management: The system loads images directly from the MLS Router API CDN, streamlining website operations and saving server space.
  • Customize with Ease: MLS On The Fly™ allows for flexible data structuring and customization, offering complete control and promising multisite support soon.

Who Benefits from MLS On The Fly™

MLS On The Fly™ suits all real estate professionals prioritizing simplicity and performance, whether managing numerous listings or preferring a minimalist website.

Experience the Highlights

  • Showcase Unlimited Properties: Effortlessly display numerous properties on your WordPress site without manual imports.
  • Map Data Efficiently: Align MLS data fields with WordPress posts to keep listings organized.
  • Optimize Database Size: Reduce your website’s database size by up to 90%, boosting performance.
  • Load Images Quickly: Fast image loading from MLS Router CDN enhances your listings’ visual appeal.

Transform Your Real Estate Listings

Integrating MLS On The Fly™ with Houzez revolutionizes real estate listing presentation and management. This partnership lets professionals focus on sales, leaving the technicalities to us. Integrating MLS On The Fly™ into your Houzez site is straightforward, allowing you to quickly reap its benefits. Whether upgrading your setup or new to Houzez, MLS On The Fly™ is your go-to solution.


Integrating MLS On The Fly™ with Houzez marks a new era in real estate digital management. This partnership redefines industry standards for efficiency, speed, and user experience. Step into the future of real estate listings with MLS On The Fly™ and Houzez today.

Ready to transform your real estate website? Visit the MLS On The Fly™ website for more information and elevate your online presence now.

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