Why you should take the time to review the common mistakes of real estate SEO


If you want the best results in your real estate SEO campaign, then you need to pay attention to all of the details. There are many common mistakes that can take away from your efforts, and it’s imperative to know what they are as you go along. In today’s article, we’re going to have a look at some of the common mistakes made by real estate companies when trying to build their online presence!

Most of us have done some sort of marketing for our real estate business. Whether it’s a newspaper ad or a Facebook post, we all have some kind of marketing strategy. But there’s one thing that most people do, that actually does more harm than good: not paying attention to the mistakes in their SEO strategy. The mistakes in your real estate SEO can cost you business and money.

Review these common mistakes and take the time necessary to avoid them with your web marketing strategies.

Ensure that your site is accessible on mobile devices

One of the most important aspects of content optimization is the mobile experience. Over 50% of web traffic comes through mobile devices. With better-designed websites for mobile devices and performance, you can still reach many customers on their way to work.

Your website’s loading speed can impact how high it ranks in Google. If a page takes longer than three seconds to load, Google will penalize and rank your site lower. If you want to stay in Google’s good graces and keep your visitor’s attention, use a loading page that loads in 3 seconds or less.

Unique Ways to Succeed in SEO for a Real Estate Company

One of the best strategies to attract customers that’s constantly changing is SEO. This can be frustrating for online marketers, but it’s an important strategy still to incorporate. Many real estate professionals learned about SEO five or ten years ago, and set up their site accordingly to these past techniques, but this has since changed since algorithms have continued to evolve and preference have evolved as well.

For example, keyword stuffing a few years ago would have allowed you to rank highly on search engines. However, today it is a strategy that has fallen out of favour on Google and other search engines because it has been widely abused by SEO experts. The SEO changes over recent years are tiny, but they happen to be significant enough to change things drastically.

How to write text for Real Estate SEO without neglecting video

Expanding beyond blogs, other types of content like video, podcasts, and graphics all help to rank on search engine results pages. Video ranks on Google even more quickly than text does!

The reason for changing up your strategy may be that blogs are no longer beneficial for you. It’s an up to date marketing strategy to use other content, like videos, podcasts and educational videos. Making these also boosts your SEO as they do well on various platforms.

Beating yourself at SEO

You may be indirectly hurting your SEO by sharing the same keywords throughout your site. When Google ranks pages, if there are overlapping keywords on each page, you might find that both pages don’t rank as high as they should because the crawlers consider this to be duplicate content.

Forget about using the same wording repeatedly to describe yourself and your services; this could actually hurt your SEO ranking.

To avoid a common mistake, rank for more search terms by making sure each web page is specific and targets a keyword. For example, focus on ‘blue widgets’ instead of ‘widgets’.

The most significant mistakes in real estate SEO

SEO is not just something that you can see on a page. You also have to make sure that the page is written with the correct metadata and has links pointing to it.

Description are search engine optimization tools that provide information about the page’s content. Your title tags and meta descriptions give an accurate overview of what your page is about and when it should be visited. They also allow search engines to understand which users might find the site useful.

Backlinks are website links on pages that point back to a specific site. It usually takes a long process and being featured in reputable publications. A good way to get backlinks is through your marketing strategy. Such as working with trustworthy brands that can help you get backlinks for your page.

For example, if you are an expert in your field, getting interviewed on podcasts or articles can be a major boost to your website ranking. However, many people risk using shortcuts like paying for backlinks rather than earning them through engagement and hard work. This is because paid links are often considered spammy by search engines, resulting in lower rankings.

Why you should ignore the end game

Professionals should focus less on their SEO ranks, and more on making a good website that the public wants to come to. With an adequate reworking of the website’s design, content and title, professionals can see their rank rise.

Search engines only reward informative content. There is no point in having generic content that doesn’t provide relevant information to a reader, because it won’t keep a reader’s attention long enough and Google will penalize the website.

The best way to bridge SEO and marketing is to make sure that you are catering to the needs of your audience when they find your website.

Tools on the internet help you strategize and measure your website’s SEO. Google, for example, analyzes sites to determine the credibility of their content. These tools can help you strategize and grow your organic audience.


It’s tough to know what impact SEO will have on your website, so some people choose to hire an outside company. It’s important to keep up with best practices, but if it keeps you from closing on any real estate deals, then it might be worth hiring someone else!

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