Allow Users To Submit Properties Through Your Website

It's never been easier for your users to submit properties so you can sit back and collect the fees
Front-end Submissions

Accept Property Submissions From Your Registered Users

Your users can easily post their listings to your website, using the frontend dashboard. There is no need for them to use the WordPress admin panel.

Frontend management System

Administer A Marketplace, Coordinate Users and Agents

User profiles can be created to manage your team of agents and clients. The dashboard lets you do all the key administrative tasks from a single place.

User Profile

Control The Capabilities And Collect Information Of Each Registered User

Roles can be assigned to users so they have access to the correct data. Once you’ve set up the profiles, you can start looking at all your statistics at once.

Membership System

Offer Custom Subscription Membership Levels To Publish Properties

You can manage membership options for any organization individually or by groups. The management system is straightforward and flexible.

Membership System for Real Estate agents
Real Estate WP Theme
Featured Properties

Allow Your Users To Feature Their Properties By Charging Them a Fee

Your members can purchase a membership to showcase their property on your real estate portfolio page. You can then charge them for this membership or give it for free.

Payments Integration

Receive Membership Payments With PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer or Woocommerce

Don’t miss out on potential customers because you don’t offer the most popular payment methods. The ones we’ve included are used by millions as they are known to be secure and reliable.

Real Estate Membership System