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What You Can Do With Houzez

One of the best ways to get a good idea of what you can do with Houzez is to view its demos. Each demo is fully customizable, and the primary features and functions you would require as a realtor or real estate agent in a website are already in place.

Full Demo With Header 1

Full Demo With Header 2

Full Demo With Header 3

Full Demo With Header 4

Real Estate Agency

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Local Agency

Single Property Real Estate

Luxury Real Estate

Radius Search and Half Map

Real Estate New Agency

Demo With Header 5

Demo With Header 6

Real Estate Modern Agency

Leads Generation

IDX/MLS iHomeFinder

Integrated With These Options

Houzez provide integration with the following plugins and payment systems

Integrated With The Following Map Systems

Houzez provide integration with the following mapping systems

Google Maps

Paid mapping service. Houzez is optimized to not exceed the $200 free credit offered monthly by Google Maps. Read more


OpenStreetMap is a free, editable map of the whole world released with an open-content license.


Mapbox is a free and open-source mapping platform for custom designed maps for websites and web applications.

The Features That Make Houzez
The Best Real Estate WordPress Theme

Customizable real estate website templates guarantee your project can get off to a quick start; but they represent only the tip of the iceberg. A feature-rich Theme Options Panel provides agents with easy ways to manage their settings.

Attractive header options, standard listing and property templates contribute to the overall UX. Besides those, the advanced search capabilities and options help users to zero in on properties of primary interest. All real estate websites created with Houzez are mobile friendly.

Feature-rich Admin Panel
Everything you need at your finger tips

The Theme Options Panel provides you with the options needed to help visitors find the property types they are looking. You can use search criteria that includes geolocation, radius search, property size and price ranges, and property features of special interest.

Filter options enable control over gallery presentations and listing page layout settings. The real estate sites are mobile friendly, support social media sharing, and include the ability to save your favorite properties.

Advanced Search Functionality

Allow your visitors to conduct searches based on keywords, locations or areas of interest, property types, min and max areas, price ranges, and other features.

By using this powerful WordPress real estate theme feature, you can enable users to manage their searches within the map system by flagging listings that meet their search criteria. 

Advanced Search Filters

The advanced search feature makes it easy for site visitors to find the right property by enabling them to make use of various settings to establish their own search criteria.

Autocomplete Search Suggestions

This feature helps visitors refine their searches by providing suggestions in the form of keywords or additional property features, as they type information in the search field.

Radius Search and Geolocation

This feature gives visitors the capability to search for real estate properties located within a certain radius in terms of their proximity to the visitor in miles or kilometers.

Custom Fields Builder

This feature allows you to add all extra custom fields that your properties need and optionally display them in the search panel. In this way, you can display all the information you need for your business model.

Drag & Drop Platform
Created To Deliver The Best
Real Estate Experience

18 Custom drag-and-drop modules to assist you in laying out your pages in mere minutes. You can easily incorporate search properties and property maps, set up price tables, list testimonials, and post blog grids and posts carousels, along with more than a dozen other helpful features and functions.

Navigation Options

Choose from among 8 “standard” navigation bar options, each of which is easily customizable. Or pick a transparent Nav bar, one that features an optional top Nav bar, or one that features a mega menu designed to make your customer’s site and property searches as easy as possible.

Header Options

You can build a header that displays a Google map, a full-screen header with a video presentation. Alternatively, you can use one that employs parallax, Slider Revolution or Property Slider. Just as you’d expect from this, the best real estate website builder.

Header with Google Maps

Fullscreen Header with Google Maps

Header with Parallax

Header with Fullscreen Parallax

Header with Video

Fullscreen Header with Video

Header with Slider Revolution

Fullscreen Header with Property Slider

Listing Page Options

Choose from 8 different Listing Page templates to display listings according to the type of information to be conveyed to the user. Options include list views and grid views, views with a sidebar or without a sidebar (full-width list or grid view), or a listing accompanied by a map.

Half Map List View

Half Map Grid View

List View

Full Width List View

Grid View

Full Width Grid View

Listing v2

Listing v2 Full Width

Listing v3

Listing v3 Full Width

Listing Page Settings 
Create and Customize the Real Estate Listing

Listing page choices cover the spectrum of property types and key features. They include the option to present the real estate listings as a list or grid view. Listings and pages can be ordered by date or price.

You can also set the number of listings to be shown on each page. You can filter property types on the listing page (e.g., lot, farm land, condo, apartment) as can the number of featured listings to be displayed.

Property Page Templates

Choose and combine different single property page layouts, or one that features a full-width gallery, horizontal tabs, or vertical tabs; or select a multi-unit display. Whichever you choose to fit your business model will be a good choice.

Single Property v1

Single Property v2

Single Property v3

Single Property with Horizontal Tabs

Single Property with Verticals Tabs

Multi Units / Sub Listings

Single Property with Full Width Slider

Luxury Property Template

You’re Getting a Mobile Friendly
Real Estate Website

Houzez is retina ready and fully responsive. Property gallery images and addresses, maps, and street views will all render correctly, as will the real estate agency’s details, contact information, and new property listings.

Key elements such as saving and sharing property favorites have been included, as have other features and functions that are especially useful and important for mobile users.

Property Management System 
It Does What The Others Don’t

You’re probably expecting Houzez to be just a theme that makes your real estate website look good. Instead, it does much more than just that. Houzez is a WordPress-based property management system that you can use to administrate a real estate marketplace, coordinate your agents and accept submissions.

Houzez was built to increase your conversions and get more calls from your leads, schedule more viewings for your real estate properties and ultimately earn more commissions. With its plethora of features, it is the ultimate toolbox for someone who wants to present a property in the best possible way.

Front-end Property Management System

Property management system to administrate properties, coordinate your agents and accept submissions

Front-end Property Submissions

Both you and your agents are able to login and submit property listings from the front of your website

Integrated Live Messaging System

Send private messages to the property agent, check his/her status and the message history

Favourite Properties

Help your visitors stay organized by letting them favorite the properties they like or want to book a visit for

Email Alerts & Saved Searches

Let your visitors configure their searches with a range of criteria and automatically notify them of new matches


Issue invoices, bill your members, track all the necessary financial data and be ease with bookkeeping

User Profiles & Roles

Control the capabilities of each individual user by choosing from the Buyer and Agent roles

Membership System

Offer your agents custom subscription levels by varying the number of featured and regular listings

Payments Integration

Receive payments with PayPal, Stripe or bank transfer – the theme fully supports popular payment solutions

Membership Features

Offer your agents one or more customized membership packages, each of which features a set number of listings and/or featured listings, or an unlimited number of real estate listings.

You can choose how your different packages are priced (including no charge at all) and labeled, as well as the duration the memberships are available.

Paid or Free Memberships

Charge per listing submission, offer monthly packages or don’t charge anything at all – the choice is yours

Payment Gateways

Receive payments with PayPal, Stripe or bank transfer – the theme fully supports popular payment solutions.

Built-in Monetization System

No need to install additional plugins to handle money. Send and receive payments straight out of the box

PayPal Integration

Connect to your PayPal account (with just a few clicks) and you are ready to receive money with no hassle

Stripe Integration

Start accepting payments with Stripe and start processing credit and debit cards professionally

Social Media Login

Allow your members to use their social media accounts to subscribe and login to your website fast

…and much more…

Equipped With All
The Tools You Need

This real estate website builder is equipped with every tool you’d need to deliver a product that any realtor or real estate agency would be delighted to have that provides them with a powerful, engaging, and attractive online presence.

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