Houzez v1.4.4.1 – Changelog

[New] Mega menu, tutorial https://favethemes.ticksy.com/article/8926/ [Fixed] Image parallax header fixed height problem [Improved] Header parallax Changed files: wp-content/themes/houzez/template-parts/page-headers/static-image.php wp-content/themes/houzez/css/main.css wp-content/themes/houzez/js/custom.js wp-content/themes/houzez/js/houzez_ajax_calls.js

Houzez v1.4.4 – Changelog

[New] Agencies list template [New] Google map draggable enable on mobiles in full screen mode ( map can be full screen by click full screen button at map right bottom corner ) [New] Google map scrollwheel enable in full screen mode ( map can be full screen by click full screen button at map right […]

Houzez v1.4.3 – Changelog

[Fixed] Fatal error add_caps() for client who update from version 1.3.6 [Fixed] Admin access issue [Fixed] Problem create listing without login if username already exist [Fixed] Mortgage Calculator icons height issue. [Fixed] Popup on mobile fullscreen. [Fixed] Agents layout on agency page [Fixed] Share tooltip responsive. [Fixed] Agencies template style. [Fixed] Agency profile map view […]

Houzez v1.4.2 – Changelog

[Fixed] Half page map not loading when date picker on create listing page disable [Fixed] Yelp categories has same icon, now it has different icons with different colours [Fixed] Video not display on video page header [Fixed] Search under menu v2 advanced button border problem [Fixed] Floor plans image upload button not work when edit […]

Houzez v1.4.1 – Changelog

[Fixed] fatal error in helper_functions.php on line number 899 on servers which have php version below 5.4

Houzez v1.4.0 – Changelog

[NEW] Geolocation [NEW] Radius Search for half map and other searches, can you search by kilometers or miles [NEW] Ability to set geo autocomplete to specific country for add listing map [NEW] Ability to set geo autocomplete to specific country all map searches [NEW] Ability to show half map as search result page [NEW] Membership […]

Houzez v1.3.6 – Changelog

[New] Free Membership package [Fixed] Packages support price 0.00 [Fixed] Payment Method string translation issue [Fixed] extra ?s? problem is my properties page title [Fixed] Saved search disable option not working [Fixed] Packages tables center align if package tables less then 4 [Added] Missing membership strings in Languages file

Houzez v1.3.5 – Changelog

[New] Membership (beta) and pay per listing system Required Pages for per listing and membership. Thank You & Payment Process complete Stripe Charge Page Payment Page Packages ( for membership only ) Paypal IPN ( Recurring Payment ) – for paypal IPN  Saved Searches Problem: Saved search not show on front-end Solution: Deactivate and activate […]

Houzez v1.3.3 – Changelog

[New] Taxonomy grids exclude options, order by options [New] List/Grid default view option for taxonomies pages, Can you find under Theme Options -> General tab [New] Dashboard design [Fixed] Featured label color for property widget [Removed] Membership system, new one will be available in new version

Houzez v1.3.2 – Changelog

[New] Custom mobile logo upload [New] Calendar language change from theme options [New] Google map localization, now google map will display according to website language [New] Add new property “Year built” field datapicker enable/disble option. [Fixed] Problem with CSS animation [Fixed] Added missed string for language files [Fixed] Featured Property Widget displays for sale/rent labels […]