Houzez v.1.6.5 – The Latest Houzez Update

Houzez v.1.6.5 – The Latest Houzez Update

Here we go with some new features and improvements on Houzez v.1.6.5.

Full Changelog

  • [NEW] WordPress 5.0 Compatibility
  • [NEW] Added gesture handling support to the Google maps element
  • [NEW] Option to show prices with Indian Currency Format
  • [NEW] Property ID search with and without prefix
  • [NEW] Put on Hold property, now property can be disabled without unpublished and delete it and then reactive.
  • [NEW] Lang Area for print property
  • [NEW] Option to enable/disable QR code for print property
  • [NEW] Featured on the top show according to date new to old option
  • [FiXED] header video auto play not work in google chrome
  • [FiXED] The short price on the property is automatically rounding up Like 1.5M was becoming 2M.
  • [FiXED] Half map does not show listings after Not found
  • [FiXED] Properties by IDs do not show all properties
  • [FiXED] Warnings on 404 page
  • [FiXED] WPML issues
  • [FiXED] Disabled unnecessary fields for the buyer profile page
  • [FiXED] Google Maps info box on mobile devices
  • [FiXED] Title bar on the iHomeFinder property detail page
  • [FiXED] Team module hover for social media icons
  • [FiXED] Minor CSS fixes
  • [UPDATED] Updated google map API
  • [UPDATED] Updated stripe recurring API
  • [UPDATED] Updated PayPal recurring API
  • [UPDATED] WP Bakery Plugin
  • [UPDATED] Slider Revolution Plugin

Updating Houzez to the Latest Version

Updating your theme to the latest new version is not at all difficult, therefore there are two ways to do so.

  • FTP update
  • WordPress update

Most importantbefore updating you should check our update notes, backup your files to ensure you can revert to the previous state should something go wrong, delete older copies of the theme, and reset the cache once you have updated.

Each of these methods involves an easily-followed series of steps as specified in this installation article.

Suggestions for Future Updates

Just as your feedback and comments have played a major role in determining the features incorporated into this update, we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what we should be considering for the next or future updates.



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