Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Marketing ideas for realtors is not as simple as you think it would be. Nowadays, the competition is extremely strong and there is no easy way to succeed.

Finding THE client is a tricky job to do and you need to do it just right to make a good sale. Fortunately, there are professionals who can make the real estate agent and homeowner’s job a little bit easier and help them with this rather complicated area of online marketing.

Because it’s such a challenge, expecting to become successful in real estate overnight would be very naive of you. Being an agent, investor or an owner with a large platform is a good start for drawing the right costumes.

So, below you can read about several effective , real estate marketing plans and creative ideas that can help you overcome this realtor marketing obstacle and find the right audience for your sale.

Quality Professional Website

When it comes to selling houses online, a professional website is a must-have! But remember:  website for real estate marketing can never be just a regular website, it must be done professionally and thoroughly.

This is important step of real estate advertising for agencies but clients as well. Just Ask the agencies about their real estate agency marketing.

First thing first, aesthetics is just as important as the functionality of the site. Organization of the site, speed, information, and photos must be of high quality.

Make sure to keep the visitor up to date with newest offers by updating your site daily. And last but in no way least, do not overwhelm the site with ads, it’s not useful but annoying!

Photograph Your Way into Selling a House

Buying houses online can be very exhausting with all that looking at similar pictures of rooms and backyards all day. What you need to do as the real estate agent is stand out.

To do that, hire a professional real estate photographer who can make a difference and attract the attention of those who endlessly scroll the website until they see the house they like.

Real estate marketing tools hack! The photos need to be taken from the best possible angle in order to be appealing to the eye. You need to catch the essence of a room with your camera and show that to your Internet clients.

That will make them buy your house. Feel free to use a little bit of Photoshop and camera with wide-angle lens and it will look more professional.

 Make a Walkthrough of Your House

With this technique, you will offer the more realistic view of the house for prospective buyers. All you need is a high-quality smartphone camera or maybe your drone – it’s completely up to you.

This is a great marketing idea because the clients can actually see how much space is there in the house and what they can do with it. This way, you make the buyers feel closer to the house.

Also, it’s a fantastic way to show the beauty of the house for a little money and make clients fall in love with your house.

Launch Yourself with a Popular Blog

If you are in a real estate business you have to make a blog and put yourself out there. Make a platform and make an audience. Banners and commercials are fine, but a blog is definitely your pass card in this field.

This blog should be useful for both clients and other agents. Don’t be shy about delivering value and on regular basis. Make charts – pie, bar, line, and others, on real estate statistics such as mortgage rates and how to sell real estate.

Also, add videos, pictures, and as many useful information as you can get. This will all help you increase your popularity and audience.

Install Google Analytics

Real estate advertising ideas are one of the easiest to find online these days. Realtor advertising’s best friend is Google Analytics. If you don’t have it installed then you are in a pickle!  So, don’t hesitate to install this because it will definitely help you with all kinds of metrics that you and website visitors want and need to know.

What benefits does this offer you? You can at any moment see how well your site is doing, how many people visit your site, have you fulfilled your daily/weekly/monthly goals, what is the average session, bounce or even exit rate etc. This little addition will surely enrich your website, so don’t waste time and install it now!

Watch out for competition

When it comes to competition in real estate marketing it can be described in one word – fierce. You need to keep an eye on their work in order to be better than them. Visit their site every once in a while, check their listings and ratings, look at their visitors’ likes and dislikes. Make their mistakes your success.

Create a Virtual Tour

Prospective buyers can’t always come to the house, but there is an excellent way to compensate. Make a video tour for more accurate and realistic experience and insight in the house.

Make an Animated Video

You already read about few ways to make a useful video for prospect clients, but this one is a little bit different, but it’s great for the real estate agent marketing.

A short, high-quality animated video with a personal touch is just what you need to make a house irresistible. Feel free to add some local sights and places that will make this ‘cartoon’ more interesting

Make the Clients Fall in Love with the Listing

As a listing agent, your job is to make the prospect buyers fall in love with the house from a piece of paper. Get to know the prospect buyers so you can make the listing more personal and unique. That way you can show them what it would be like if they lived in the house.

Video Tour of Your Neighborhood

This may not apply for those who live in a big city, but if you live in a small town or suburb this is the great way to show your clients what your neighborhood looks like. It will make them feel more welcome and is one more addition to your website.

Live streaming – why not?

Video tours and animated videos are just fine, but you can have one more trick up your sleeve – live streaming. People wouldn’t be able to help themselves but click that ‘Live’ button.

Give them the first exclusive insight of the house and make them feel special and sell the house in no time!

Ending thoughts on areal estate marketing

Today real estate marketing is all about the Internet. Agents play the big role here, but clients are more and more house hunting online.

By recent research from the National Association of Realtors, 92% of buyers start looking for their perfect house on the Internet. So, don’t fall behind and use as many of these unique real estate marketing ideas as you can and you will become successful realtor without a doubt!

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