Real Estate Website Best Practices

Real Estate Website Best Practices

The sheer number of people who find their dream home online without resorting to an estate agent just keeps on growing. There’s no longer the role of a gatekeeper for the real estate agent, as the internet gives today’s homebuyers easy access to information.

However, if you want to take on the property portal giants, you don’t really need a multi-million Rand marketing campaign. What you need to do is:

  1. Create a local, dominant online presence, making sure that your brand and website can be easily found when the buyer is starting their online search in your vicinity.
  2. Give those homebuyers a great search experience, making sure you offer more information, services, and tools than your competitors.

These are two of the important real estate website best practices and can help you on your quest on how to become a successful real estate agent.

Once you’ve used some of the techniques, such as Facebook marketing, and you have people on your site, you should be ready to give them a great experience.

Great photos

Professional photos are an absolute must. And, don’t only show the front of the house. Show the inside, outside, the garage, the backyard, and all the different rooms. Your goal should be to give your visitors a good idea of what the house actually looks like in real life.

Taking good photos needs practice, and some time will need to pass, but there are a few things that you should try. First, try to make the house look larger, and try to accurately document the building’s layout. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, and a couple of good ones can go far in selling a home.

You could opt for the Houzez Lightbox found in the Houzez WP Theme, which gives you a custom lightbox for visitors to easily see the property photos, as well as be able to contact your agent.

Basic info about the listing

Your website should include basic information about the house, written and presented in a way that is easy to consume, such as the location, price, square footage, rooms number, and any other notable features, such as a pool.

People should know the important information by taking one glance at the information.

Property descriptions

Descriptions are one of the things that sell houses. If someone is interested, they’ll most likely read what you’ve written. If it’s good, they’ll be considering things more seriously.

Different systems display a different amount of content, and if you end up needing more space, try adding a link to your blog. You can use it to give your buyers more detail about a property.

And, while you’re working on the descriptions, consider some of the phrases you should avoid. As a realtor, you’re trying to sell the house at the best possible value.

Any terms that give your buyers a lot of negotiating power should be avoided, and you should focus on describing the property in a positive light. A great description will also help with digital marketing, thus ensuring your listings actually get found.

The ‘About’ page

A lot of people would prefer having a connection with their Realtor, even if the first contact is online. An ‘About’ page will help put a face to the website.

A good tip is to have a professional picture of you, as well as the team if you have one. A picture that shows you as a group is great. If this makes you look like a positive company, visitors are much more likely to trust you and choose your website to get a house.

Use maps

When you’re selling a home, you aren’t just selling the house – you’re selling an entire lifestyle, and adding a map that shows the surroundings will give your potential buyers a much better sense of where they’d be living and how it would look like.

You also give your visitors some alternatives, in case they don’t like the original house they’re looking at, yet are still interested in the region. Having options is good, and a map is a fairly non-intrusive way of giving your users options.

For example, the Houzez WP Theme comes with Google Maps integration, which gives your visitors just what we discussed above.

Sharing knowledge with your audience

When you publish useful and relevant news and info articles on your website, you’re sharing your property and neighborhood knowledge and expertise with your visitors.

This makes you a voice of the local community when you start to promote some upcoming events and address local issues.

Also, you can use your website as an educational tool for your buyers, especially about the purchasing process and give some useful hints to make the experience stress free.

Property listings

The higher quality listings you have, and the more information they include, the more pages the visitor views, the longer they stay on your website, and the more likely it is that they’ll convert.

Therefore, each listing should be complete with photos, videos, virtual tours, floor plans, street mapping etc., everything you need in order to make a sale.

A property near me option

Your mobile site should also have a location-based “Property near me” option, that gives your visitors custom search results based on where they are.

The Houzez WP Theme mentioned above has this functionality, and gives some more information that’s powered by Yelp.

Area profiles

A detailed profile of the area and what it includes, such as communities, schools, malls, history, photos, and videos is a great idea. You should be selling the zone before you even sell a single real estate.

Testimonials from your customers

Testimonials are essential at this time where word-of-mouth is very important. Past customers will come across as an unbiased opinion because they aren’t a seller, and they’ll build trust.


Most agents have a concern that they’re more dependent on leads that are generated on property portals, and as a result, their brand’s position as an authority in the real estate market is diminishing.

If you want to survive and stay relevant, it’s extremely important that you don’t put all the eggs in a single basket, specifically the property portal basket.

If a homebuyer doesn’t need the brand or website anymore, your main goal is to make them want it.



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