How to Generate Real Estate Leads

How to Generate Real Estate Leads

For a realtor, the website isn’t just a piece of digital real estate. If you properly build and maintain it, it will bring you more clients and more sales, which results in more earnings.

Your potential customers have a way of exploring what you have to offer, and you have a way to sell your services to whoever may be looking for them.

Your real estate website’s design is more or less a very dynamic representation of you, and it should be made with care and strategy if you want some more real estate leads.

When you’re wondering how to generate real estate leads, this is the way. It’s also one of the best answers to the “how to get real estate clients” question, and a great way for real estate prospecting.

When agents join a brokerage firm, the package they get might receive a provided website. However, if the brokerage firm is a smaller one, you might be responsible for building your own website and taking care of your lead generation for real estate.

But, even if your brokerage does give you a website and some tips on how to generate leads in real estate, your website will most likely look just like all other local sites.

How does this give you buyer leads for real estate agents if you’re just like everyone else?

What do you include in your website design?

A large part of people’s home shopping nowadays is online research. Before potential buyers even set foot on your property, they’ll want to have as much information as possible.

If your real estate website is a resource for that information, you’re greatly simplifying the process. At a minimum, you should put a couple of the elements below, if you want to meet the buyer’s needs.

The first thing is to overcome the volume of sites that are similar to yours. Unfortunately, there’s plenty of competition, and it sometimes might seem like everything that’s good is already taken.

So, what? Get the best ideas you can, find some good layouts and color schemes, add your own touch to personalize things and get them to the next level, and just avoid copyright theft. If you think that your site is indeed to similar, head to a real estate design forum, and ask for feedback.

Many realtors will try to force the company logo in a layout where it just doesn’t fit. If it has to be there, make sure it complements the design, because you need to avoid the impression that you’ve just taken a template, and added your own logo – this is a huge turnoff for any web user.

You will also need to figure out just how much text to use, especially on the homepage. You should keep in mind what the user might be expecting. If it’s an information section that’s clearly designated, they’ll be expecting a lot of text.

However, on the homepage, just a couple of lines to connect with the user and start to inform them, is usually enough. Make sure that your text styles are consistent, and you have headings that are unique and complement the design.

Another common mistake is overcrowding a single page with too many links or features.

Sure, things like map searches and weather indicators are popular, but if you don’t give them enough space, they’ll take away from the main focus. The navigation bars and buttons should be limited to a few spots where they will always appear, and the users will be able to easily orient themselves.

Use WordPress for an easy to edit, yet powerful website

Some notable examples of websites that use WordPress include giants such as BBC America, The Huffington Post or The New York Times.

And, there’s a great reason for this. It’s a flexible, easy to update platform that’s also extremely easy to update. The best part? It is extremely intuitive, and you don’t really need to know a lot about programming to use it.

Prominent contact info

Regardless of how you choose to lay out the website, your contact info should be always visible. This might include putting your phone number in a sticky header, and the footer. You should also have a page that includes a contact form, as well as all relevant personal contact information.

You need a clear call to action here, one that invites your visitor to reach out with any questions, or potential inquiries about your listed homes.

If you want a good and easy way to get agent contact forms, the Houzez WP Theme is a great place to start. It will help you make more sales by putting a contact form that’s easy to use in each listing’s header.

A consistent brand message

Nowadays, a business will have plenty of other social media profiles besides the website. You should make sure that all of these pages convey the same brand message, and keep the logo, brand colors, caption and brand promise consistent.

Your website could make or break a deal, and if it isn’t set up to attract leads, you’ll be losing on a lot of potential business or sales. Your website is your 24/7 best salesperson, and you should make sure to put your best person forward if you want to create an effective brand recognition and attract prospective customers.

How to design the website?

Once you have an idea of what elements and features you want, you should find a way to get there. If you’re building a real estate website on your own, you should turn to tools that will make things easier without requiring that you learn to code.

A great platform, if you’ve got a bit more skills and time, is WordPress. There are plenty of themes and plugins for it, which can do basically anything to, and with your website, and one of the best themes for a realtor is the Houzez WP Theme. Some things to keep an eye out for:

  • The website must be visually pleasing and easy to use. This is one of the topmost criteria for a consumer when he wants to feel comfortable instead of overwhelmed. It greatly increases retention and user stickiness on the site.
  • You also need some latest trend industry features and functions, as this is something your users will expect. A current and dynamic design will increase your user’s willingness to interact with the website.
  • A well-planned, readable content spanning across multiple pages will increase both the user activity and the search engine activity. This makes sure people stay there longer, and conversion is easier.
  • Use online testimonials and video wherever possible, people love working with experts and businesses that already have happy stories.
  • Add a search capability, to help counter the visitors’ low attention span. They need information, and they need the information fast – make sure you serve this to them.
  • The website must be mobile friendly. More and more consumers use their phones to look for a service, and having a mobile-friendly website is of utmost importance. It helps you seamlessly connect with customers and increase your conversions. A great, fully responsive theme is the Houzez WP Theme, which has code tested on a variety of phones and tablets, to ensure that the user experience is smooth and consistent.
  • You need a search engine-friendly website. Increasing search engine optimization is very important because Google loves fresh, dynamic content. To drive the keyword ranking even further, use a blog within the website for publishing services’ information.
  • You’ll find that a lot of consumers spend plenty of time on social media – implementing a social media strategy is inevitable if you want to attract them. Integrate a blog, have a Facebook or Twitter feed, and increase both interactions, and brand awareness.

Ending thoughts

If you’re a realtor, and you are truly serious about expanding in the market, spending some time each week to make your online image and presence even better is something you must be doing.

Coming up with a website which has all the functionality you need, and looks good, is the first step here.



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