Houzez v1.5.0 – Changelog

Houzez v1.5.0 – Changelog
  • [New] Property Expiration, now admin can give extra bonus time to any listing in membership/per listing.
  • [New] Custom HTML notification emails
  • [New] New front-end dashboard design
  • [New] Ability to set property featured during front-end payment process.
  • [New] Ability to remove property from featured. For example, after setting a property as featured, the customer will be capable of “un-featured” a property and set “featured” another.
  • [New] Properties filter by label in VC shortcodes
  • [New] Pinterest social icon
  • [New] Added cities, states, labels option for property taxonomy widget
  • [New] Custom target links option for taxonomies( property type, city, state, area, label etc)
  • [New] Theme options to disable blog author and date etc
  • [New] Printable invoices
  • [New] Min and Max price filters for listing templates and half map listing template
  • [New] Site optimizations options for minify css and js etc
  • [New] Private Note for property
  • [New] Layout manager for luxury homes version
  • [New] Lightbox for floor plan images
  • [New] Property ID prefix theme options. Now prefix can set under Theme Options -> General tab
  • [New] Add property ID and Property Labels search for all searches
  • [New] Footer 1, 2, 3, 3/1 and 4 column options
  • [New] Single property gallery slideshow auto play them option
  • [New] Show/hide page title and breadcrumb options page Page Template
  • [New] Auto detect SSL for google map API
  • [New] Default option for my location radius
  • [New] Property labels archive page
  • [New] Map infobox link open in new window.
  • [New] Map cluster theme options
  • [New] Pinterest social link for footer bottom social links
  • [New] Featured property option for no membership mode
  • [New] Theme Options for hide location fields ( country, state, city etc ) on add property page
  • [New] Connection between front-end country, state, city, neighbourhood dropdown connection
  • [New] Automate user agent and agencies system. For example if admin will create new user ( role agent) system will auto create agent custom post type.
  • [New] Ability for agencies to add agent from their profile.
  • [New] New Role Manager, Owner, Agency
  • [New] Show listings by role example For Rent by owner, For Sale by Owner, For Rent by Manager etc
  • [New] License and Tax number new fields for agencies and agents
  • [New] Delete property attachments when delete property
  • [New ] Agent page listings pagination
  • [New ] Agency page listings pagination
  • [New] Miles and km option for yelp
  • [New] Agents search widget
  • [New] Front-end submission property auto detect agent/agency
  • [New] Front-end only show agents in property submission form agent list who belong to agency
  • [New] Property slider full screen option
  • [New] Houzez Statistics beta version for admin
  • [Fixed] Add new property location drop downs search
  • [Fixed] Row height visual composer issue
  • [Fixed] Mortgage calculator not work with comma in price
  • [Fixed] Drag and drop images upload duplicate
  • [Fixed] Facebook share for pages, now just need to set featured image for pages
  • [Fixed] Breadcrumb Schema
  • [Fixed] Compare listings
  • [Fixed] Top bar slogan text color not working


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