Houzez v.1.5.0 – What’s new?

Houzez v.1.5.0 – What’s new?

Hi there! 2017 starts with a BIG Houzez update. We are happy to announce that the new version 1.5.0 is ready. Please check out new features we cooked for you!

New Features

Auto Detect SSL: Be rid of mixed-content warnings when using Google Maps – Houzez adapts if your site is served via HTTPS

Messaging System: Send private messages to the property agent, check his/her status and view messaging history

Property Ratings and Reviews: Users can rate and review properties to learn from their feedback how to improve your products and services

2Checkout payment gateway: Online payments with 2Checkout that helps you accept credit cards, PayPal and debit cards.

New dashboard Design: We designed the new look of the front-end dashboard to be both visually appealing and highly functional

Hide Location Fields: When adding a property, you have the option to hide location fields such as country, city, state, etc.

Optimization Options: Speed up your website by minify CSS and JS. Controll the images quality and more by your theme option panel

HTML email notifications: Customize your email notifications by adding your logo, your own colors and your business information

New User Roles: Your members can now assume the role of a Manager, Owner or Agency, each with custom workflows

Listings by Role: You can display property listings by type and poster’s role, e.g. For Rent by Owner, For Sale by Manager

Property Expirator: As an admin, assign extra bonus time to any individual listing of any active member

New Membership Type: Members of this plan are able to add unlimited free listings and pay to upgrade any listing to Featured

Featured Property Assignment: Your users can set a property as Featured during the initial payment process, saving them time and hassle

Featured Properties Control: Unset a property from being featured and feature another one under the same payment arrangement

New Property Filter: By Label: Add an option to filter properties by label (in the VC shortcodes), creating a more flexible search

Taxonomies widget: Categorize your properties by cities, states and labels with the Taxonomy widget

Custom Target Links: Set a custom target link for your taxonomies such as property type, city, state, area, etc.

New Blog Controls: The Theme Options allow you to disable any blog post taxonomies such as author, date, etc.

Private Notes: Allow your users to add a private note to listings – it will only be visible to team members and stakeholders

Property ID Prefix: Assume more control of your property database by adding an ID prefix in the Theme Options

Other New Features

  • Option to display floor plan images in a lightbox
  • Layout manager for the Luxury Homes property template
  • Option to display the footer as 1, 2, 3, 3/1 or 4 columns
  • Option to autoplay the gallery slideshow for single properties
  • Option to show/hide the page title and breadcrumb for the Page Template
  • Connection between front-end country, state, city, neighbourhood dropdown connection
  • Map cluster theme options
  • Default option for my location radius
  • Property can now be assigned to multiple agents
  • Front-end duplicate property to save time
  • Ability to save a property as a draft when adding it with the front-end dashboard
  • Front-end only show agents in property submission form agent list who belong to agency
  • Agents and agencies search
  • Front-end auto agent detect
  • Ability for agencies to add agents via the front-end dashboard
  • Delete property images when user delete the related property
  • Ability for customers to remove property from featured and features another one
  • Min and Max price filters for listing templates and half map listing template
  • Automate user agent and agencies, system will auto create agent custom post type.
  • Show listings by role. Example: For Rent by owner, For Sale by Owner, For Rent by Manager, etc…
  • Agent and agency page listings pagination
  • Property slider full screen option available
  • Houzez Statistics beta version for admin


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