Houzez v1.4

Houzez v1.4

Bigger Than Ever! We are happy to announce that Houzez v.1.4 has been released and available for download.

New features

Google Geolocation
Now you have the ability to see the geographic location of your website’s visitors

Radius Search
Search properties by their proximity to you in kilometers or miles on all search pages

Geo Autocomplete Options
Control the autocomplete behaviour for geo locations by optionally limiting drop-down results to a specific country

New Presentation for Search Results
Display your search results directly on the half-map page, eliminating the need to switch pages

Improved Advanced Search
Now you can display results with a 3-column layout, making content presentation cleaner

Similar Properties
Keep visitors on your site by showing properties similar to the one they’re viewing

Property Details Template: Luxury Homes
Use our newly added page layout to present your luxury properties with style

Improved Grid and List Layouts
Presentation of individual entries has been updated to make your properties stand out

Editing of Membership Levels
Your user is now able to upgrade or downgrade their membership package

User Roles
Control the capabilities of each individual user by choosing from the Buyer and Agent roles

Improved Registration Form
It now allows your users to select their role during registration (could be disabled by the admin)

Real Estate Agencies
Now you can list real estate companies on your site by using a dedicated custom post

Categories for Agents
Group your agents by arbitrary categories that you can now set on your website

Agents Ordering
The All Agents page now lets you set the display order of your agents based on the selected criterion

New Optional Search Fields: Country and State
Countries, states, cities and areas are internally linked so you only get relevant choices when selecting them

More Search Options
Other Features are now available to be selected in all of your property searches

Improved Listing Options
Now you can manually approve listings or set them as expired from the admin panel

Account Deletion
A button on the profile page of your users now allows them to delete their account

Nearby Places (Powered by Yelp)
Make property information more complete by showing what’s around them

Full Screen Map
Use the new button in the header of your site to view Google Maps fullscreen

Price Prefix for Listings
Add arbitrary text in front of your property prices, e.g. “Starting from $50,000”

Property Expiration
Optionally set an expiration date for each property from the user dashboard

Expired Listing Reactivation
Your users are now able to pay the amount you set to re-enable listings after they expire

New Options for the Create Listing Page
Compulsory fields, drag&drop map maker and a drop-down menu for neighbourhoods, cities, states and countries

Additional Email Notifications
Promptly Inform your users and subscribers about approved, expired and new listings

Improved Form Validation
Each new username now requires a minimum amount of characters to be valid

Keyboard Control
Use the arrow keys to scroll through the popup lightbox gallery on the Listing Details page

Custom Labels for Listings
Show arbitrary text instead of prices, e.g. “Price Upon Request”

New Theme Options
Enable or disable the Compare Properties and Add to Favourites features

Scroll-to-top Button

Toggle Audio of Your Header Videos On/Off

New Widget: Recently Viewed Properties

New Visual Composer Shortcodes: Membership Packages, Empty Space

New Field for Listing Details: Land Area

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to leave a comment or suggest new features about this theme, we are so excited to see what you will do with Houzez.



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