Houzez v1.3.0

Houzez v1.3.0

We are very excited to announce that Houzez v1.3.0 has been released. A big thanks goes to all customers which are giving us great feedback helping this theme to be even better and also to all people which are supporting Favethemes day by day keeping us motivated and on track.

What’s new on Houzez

  • Advanced Search Options
    Now you are free to design and manage your search system from the Theme Options panel.
  • WP All Import Add On
    Easily import your properties, images and data from any XML & CSV file to your new website.
  • New Property Detail Layouts
    Now you can create a sticky menu for property detail page and full width property gallery.
  • Property Layout Manager
    Sort, enable and disable property detail page sections as you like with a drag and drop option panel.
  • Compare Properties
    Now your users can compare different properties depending on their features and services.
  • Walkscore
    Provide walkability services and data to your users within your property detail page.
  • Property Labels
    Identify your property with optional custom labels and colors to fit your needs.
  • Print Properties
    Export your property pages in a well organized PDF file ready to be printed.
  • 360° Virtual Tour
    Create interactive virtual tours and simulations inside your properties has never been so easy.
  • Custom Property Slug
    Change slugs for property custom post type and taxonomies from admin.
  • Property Stats
    Display the stats of your property views with clean and professional chart systems.
  • Sticky Sidebar
    Glues your agent contact form making it permanently visible when scrolling up and down.
  • Front End Submission Manager
    Manage your front end property submission page by sorting, enabling and disabling sections.
  • Front End Floor Plans Submission
    Allow your clients to submit floor plan images and contents from your front end submission page.
  • Front End Multi Units / Sub Properties  Submission
    Allow your clients to submit multi units and sub properties from your front end submission page.
  • Front End Agent Information Submission
    Allow your clients to select and assign property from the front end during the submission process.
  • Currency Switcher
    Allow your clients to switch to different currencies and get their rates converted in the real time.
  • Mortgage Calculator
    Quickly calculate mortgage payments with our easy-to-use Mortgage Calculator Widget.
  • iHomeFinder IDX/MLS
    Gain more real estate leads with iHomeFinder IDX solution fully integrated.
  • Multi Language Menu
    Easily switch between different languages to manage multilingual content in your website.
  • Property By ID in Carousels v1 and v2
    New options for carousel custom modules. Now you can display properties by ID’s.
  • Listing Display Order
    Select from Theme Option panel the default order you want to display in your search results page.
  • Auto Generate property ID option
  • Disable admin panel for users theme option
  • Search By Property ID Option
  • Allowed HTML in footer copy right
  • Ability to remove blog feature image
  • Grid/List view option for property search result page
  • Ability to set number of features to show in advanced search
  • Twitter Widget
  • Instagram Widget

What we skipped

We’ve been so busy since the v.1.3.0 was announced, the development of new functionalities took us a lot of time and most of them was critical and required more attention. Because we don’t want any problem with existing websites clients, we decided to keep some new features on hold and release in next update, we are sorry for that. We think this is especially important for an industry as cutthroat as real estate, where any small omission or wrong assumption could result in complete loss of competitive edge for the website owners.

Agency profiles, user roles, ability to set agent phone number visible only for login users, similar properties on the property detail page, half map properties template with more filters and radius, splash page new search and geo location will be added in next update and all feature requests posted by customers on forum will be considered for new versions. We’ll let you know our schedule very soon!

What’s next?

Houzez has been released two months ago and today it’s more popular than ever before. For the future we want to be more focus on some responsive improvements to deliver a more consistent user experience across different mobile devices. SEO improvement will be another important task in order to help you to increase the traffic from search engines and lastly we’re building a dedicated team to make the customer support even more efficient and fast.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to leave a comment or suggest new features about this theme, we are so excited to see what you will do with Houzez.



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