The Houzez Grids module allows you to display your taxonomy content in a neat grid. To use the Houzez Grids module be sure that you are working on a Visual Composer page template.

Add the Houzez Grids module to a page

Activate the Visual Composer Editor clicking on Backend Editor. Locate the Backend Editor button just below the page title. After clicking on the Backend Editor button you will see the WPBacker Page Builder section appear.


Use the button + Add Element to start to design your page and add content blocks or rows to your page.

  1. Select By Favethemes
  2. Click on Houzez Grids module to place the module on the page.

Houzez Grids module settings

Once you have placed the module on the page, edit the module to access pop up settings panel displayed in the image below.


  1. Choose Grid: Grid version 1 and 2
  2. Taxonomy: Filter properties with the following options:
    1. Property Types
    2. Property Cities
    3. Property Labels
    4. Property State/County
    5. Property Neighborhood
  3. Show Child: Yes or No
  4. Order by: choose order you prefer (Name, Count, ID)
  5. Order: ASC (ascending), DESC (descending)
  6. Hide Empty: Hide empty taxonomies if needed
  7. Number Of Terms To Show: Choose how many taxonomy terms you want to show


Exclude Types: Choose what kind of property type you want to exclude (flag to no-show)

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