The header is probably one of the first things you will want to set up on your website. The header consists of a series of elements such as logo, navigation menu, social icons and contact information. The theme is provided with several options to customize the header and its content. All these elements, such as colors, fonts, images, etc. can be customized without touching any code.

Houzez offers five different Header Layouts, each with its own design and set of options. Please follow the documentation below to learn more about header settings.

How select the header style


  1. Navigate to Theme Options > Headers > Style
  2. Select Header Style: choose from style One, Two, Three or Four

Based on the Header style you select different options will be displayed. The Sticky Menu and Mobile Sticky Menu options are there for all the header styles.

  • Sticky Menu: Enable/Disable sticky menu
  • Mobile Sticky Menu: Enable/Disable sticky menu in mobiles

Header style 1

Below is an example of how you can setup the Header Style 1 – Click here to setup Header Style 1

Header style 2

Below is an example of how you can setup the Header Style 2 – Click here to setup Header Style 2

Header style 3

Below is an example of how you can setup the Header Style 3 – Click here to setup Header Style 3 

Header style 4

Below is an example of how you can setup the Header Style 4 – Click here to setup Header Style 4

Transparent header style

Below is an example of how you can setup the Transparent Header – Click here to set up the Transparent Header Style

Header advanced search

Houzez allows you to choose from two different search styles each with its own unique design. Also, you can choose from many other options like search width, position, sticky, etc.

  1. Navigate to Theme Options > Headers > Advanced Search
  2. Enable/Disable Search: you can globally display or not search on the header
  3. Search Style: select from Style One or Style Two
  4. Search Width: choose from Boxed or Full Width
  5. Search Position: optionally you can display the Search bar Under Navigation or alternatively Under Banner (Slider, Map, etc…)
  6. Search Pages: optionally you can select in which pages you want to display the Search bar. Only Homepage, Homepage + Inner Pages, Only Inner Pages.
  7. Sticky Advanced Search: you can globally make Search bar sticky. Note: will only work when the main menu sticky disabled
  8. Sticky Mobile: Enable/Disable advanced search sticky on mobiles. Note: will only work when mobile menu sticky disabled

Header social icons

Houzez allows you to display your Social account in the header. The header social icons are available only for header style two, header style three and on the Top Bar.

  1. Enable/Disable header social media: This option is only for header style two and three
  2. Facebook: Enter Facebook profile URL
  3. Twitter: Enter Twitter profile URL
  4. Google Plus: Enter Google Plus profile URL
  5. LinkedIn: Enter LinkedIn profile URL
  6. Instagram: Enter Instagram profile URL
  7. Pinterest: Enter Pinterest profile URL
  8. Youtube: Enter youtube profile URL
  9. Yelp: Enter Yelp profile URL

Create listing button

  1. Navigate to Theme Options > Headers > Create Listing Button
  2. Create Listing Button: Enable/Disable
  3. Create Listing:  Select Yes or No if the Create Listing Button required the login.

Note: If you select YES when a user click on Create Listing Button the login modal window will show up in order to login and proceed. If you select NO you can start to create a listing without to be logged in. At the end of the listing process the website will ask you to login or create a new account.

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